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  • Anonymous
I am 28 year old, married women. We both are working and have been married for more than a year. Its advised to have a baby before a women turns 30. I want to have a child but before that I want to buy a house for security of my child. I am in a complete dilemma what to do. Can you please suggest that is it okay to have a child in the age of 32-33 years. Also can I get some tests to know if all is well and I can conceive, so which are those tests. Thanks
  • Shradhha, 25, Mumbai
My mother is 50 years old. She does not get her periods anymore. She feels numbness in her calves, does not have right body balance while standing. And she feels as if she has to pee a lot at night even if she doesn't need to urinate and plus gets a burning sensation in her vagina. We had consulted an Ayurvedic doctor and he has given some medicines to her and says that may be this is because she doesn't get her periods anymore. What is exactly wrong with her? How to correct this?
  • Aarti, 23, Ahmedabad
I miss those times when it was easy to smile back when someone smiled at you. Today it's just so difficult to trust others, especially men and I am not saying that men are at fault. It's just that with experiences that I've had, I feel more closed towards being friendly with men, especially the ones who are 'too sweet' to me. When someone compliments, it suddenly becomes a matter of 'why is he saying all that? what does he want?' My question hence is, what are some of the ways that I could generate that Trust factor within me?
  • Anonymous
i hv really black underarms and inner thighs. i perspire a lot too. can u suggest something to get rid of the black patch?
  • Anonymous
I wanted to seek an advice over the following doubts that I carry in my mind regarding pregnancy, I wanted to know that what are the chances of being pregnant without having penetrated and not ejaculating anywhere close to the genitals but only rubbing genitals
  • Anonymous
I get very less bleeding during my period. Also, the bleeding is sticky and irregular. Why it happen?
  • Anonymous
Is there any revert effect or side-effect after the vaccine for Cervical cancer? I want to give this vaccine to my daughter, but want to know about it's possible effects.
  • bhuvaneshwari, 18, thrissur
i need a proper diet plan to reduce weight :( my hands are way too fat when compared to other parts. everyonez making fun of me and i feel bad .. plss help me mam . is there any tablet which will help burn fat .. and pls suggst what kind of exercises will work. thanks
  • Anonymous
Is there any chance of cervical cancer those who never experience intercourse?
  • Pravin, 43
I am having a pot belly and I don't want to have that. How do I do that?
  • Anonymous
I was forced by my boyfriend to perform oral sex on him. He was too strong, and I couldn't fight, I relented. Was I raped?
  • Anonymous
How frequently can I go for an ultrasound during pregnancy? I have heard that its not safe for the little one inside

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