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  • jay, 21, Chennai
Hi can we eat oats during dinner? say some healthy dinner and breakfast options... mainly indian food
  • Anonymous
Hi Doctor , I'm married for the past 3 yrs , however trying for a baby for the past 4 months , as me and my hubby were away for periods were regular all these time , however for the past 4 months since when I was trying , there is a gap of 4 , 7 and this month it was 10 days gap than regular period time.Not sure of what is office is located about 2 hr distance from my residence and it requires a long travel and I need to do all my household chores myself.Please advise if i should avoid traveling or job
  • Anonymous
I am 28 year old, married women. We both are working and have been married for more than a year. Its advised to have a baby before a women turns 30. I want to have a child but before that I want to buy a house for security of my child. I am in a complete dilemma what to do. Can you please suggest that is it okay to have a child in the age of 32-33 years. Also can I get some tests to know if all is well and I can conceive, so which are those tests. Thanks
  • Anonymous
Which medicine should be taken while having pain during periods?
  • Susma, 26, Kathmandu
I had taken pills to postpone my periods(4 tabs). After that I dint get periods for 2 weeks, did a pregnancy test and found that am pregnant. Can you please advise if there will any problem to the fetus due to the medicines
  • Swati, 20, Delhi
Hello Maam. I have been really worried for the past few months. I had an ECP (Ipill) on March 20th after having unprotected sex. It was also the last day of my period. No sooner than 24 hours later, I started another period which I guess was from the withdrawal bleeding. Since then I have had NO periods for literally two months. I took two pregnancy tests two weeks ago distanced by a couple of days but they were also negative. I don't feel any of the pregnancy symptoms and neither do I think I am pregnant. Off late, I developed facial hair again and my face looks almost lifeless. Do you think ECP can cause delays of this sort? I did go to my GP but she just told me to wait it out. Its frustrating and Im stressed, even while I have had negative tests. I can't just stop worrying. Please let me know, If you think I have a chance of getting pregnant and whether ECP has thrown my body off balance/
  • Anonymous
My periods are irregular.Since last 8 months, my period lasts for only 2 days. Then the bleeding stops.
  • Sangeeta, 31
I teach at a college, I am mother of two and I live in a joint family. Because of the pressure I get tired, feel stressed and I feel that I cannot live up to the expectations of my family, my kids and my students.
  • Anonymous
Even if I get less bleeding it pains a lot. On 1st and 2nd day it will be normal flow but after the flow will decrease.
  • Anonymous
I am 25 years old and single. I am bit over weight. I want to reduce the size of my breast. Any suggestions
  • bhavna agrawal, 20, jabalpur
Mem meri shaadi 17 feb ko hui h, mera shaadi ke baad period 3 march ko aaya tha pr ab aisa lag raha h ki mera period nhi aayega..or maine pragnancy kit me bhi test kiya tha usme positive aaya tha pr mem main abhi pragnant nhi hona chahti koi solution bataye jisse mepragnant no ho pau....., or maine suna kuch tablet aisi bhi hoti h jinhe ek baar lene se hi 6 monthstak pagnancyi ki problem dur ho jati h....
  • Anonymous
My joints are paining sometimes. I am not able to walk properly. I feel like crying when it pains.

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